NCWGA National Show
Black Sheep Gathering
June 23 - 26, 2016

Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene, Oregon
Free Admission and Parking

Sheep Show, Friday - Saturday, June 24 - 25

Junior Sheep Show, Sunday, June 26

Wool Show, Friday - Saturday, June 24 - 25

Wool Sale, Saturday - Sunday, June 25 - 26

Hosted Members Reception, Friday, June 24, 7:00 pm
Wine, beer, soft drinks, & snacks

Potluck Dinner, Saturday, June 26, 6:30 pm
Lamb BBQ by BSG, diners contribute a dish

NCWGA Sheep Show
Friday, June 24th - Saturday, June 25th
Sheep Show Judge: Geof Ruppert

J. NCWGA Registered Primitive Breeds (double coated)
K. NCWGA Registered Long/Coarse Wool Breeds (48 and lower)
L. NCWGA Registered Medium Wool Breeds (50s - 58s)
M. NCWGA Registered Fine Wool Breeds (60 and finer)
NCWGA Awards for Champion and Reserve Ram and Ewe in Lots J-M.

NCWGA Junior Show
Sunday, June 26th

X. Registered Long/Coarse Wool Breeds (48 and lower)
Y. Registered Medium/Fine Wool Breeds (50 and finer).
Lots open to all Juniors. NCWGA Junior Members receive awards.

NCWGA Wool Show
Friday June 24th - Saturday, June 25th
Wool Show Judge: Martin Dally

13N. NCWGA colored common & braid wool (44s and coarser)
14N. NCWGA colored long wool medium wool (46s-50s)
15N. NCWGA colored medium wool (52s-58s)
16N. NCWGA natural colored fine wool (60s and finer)
NCWGA Awards for Champion and Reserve Fleece in Lots 13N - 16N.

All entries will be processed by Black Sheep Gathering. Sheep Show entries will close at 600 head, or on June 1, 2016. Wool Show entries must be postmarked by June 3, 2016. Entry forms, rules, and schedules are available at:

Award Sponsors and Donations
Please support the National Show by sponsoring an award. Sponsorships may be designated for the Sheep Show, the Junior Show, or the Wool Show. Champion and Reserve Champion Sponsorships are $50 for the Sheep Show, and $25 for the Wool Show. Sponsors will be featured in The Marker and on the NCWGA website. Please contact Ann Robinson to sponsor an award. Email: or phone 530-459-5051.

NCWGA will hold a daily raffle to showcase natural colored wool during the National Show. Raffle prizes will be on display at the NCWGA Booth. Please donate to promote your farm, your talent, and the spectrum of natural colored wool products. Please contact Becky Sims to make a donation to the raffle. Phone: 530-459- 5174.

Got Questions?
Direct questions regarding the 2016 NCWGA National Show to Nancy Burns, or (530) 467-4077.