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NCWGA National Show

June 20 – 23, 2013

Black Sheep Gathering, Eugene, Oregon

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*** Show Entries Must be Postmarked by June 1 ***

The NCWGA National Show will be held in District 1 this year.  We are very pleased to announce that the venue will be Black Sheep Gathering.  The location is the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene, Oregon.  The show dates are June 20 – 23, 2013.  Black Sheep Gathering is a superb showcase of natural colored sheep and their fiber.  Exhibitors at Black Sheep Gathering present a diverse range of wool breeds, from primitives to luster longwools, so it provides excellent opportunity for sales and trades of breeding stock.  The BSG Wool Show is one of the largest natural colored shows in the country, with great attendance by devoted fiber fans eager to purchase fleeces.  Black Sheep Gathering offers entertaining fiber arts competitions including Sheep-to-Shawl and Spinner’s Lead.  There is also an exciting series of workshops on both fiber arts and livestock production.

The NCWGA Open Sheep Show will offer four Lots: Primitive, Long, Medium, and Fine Wools.  The NCWGA Junior Show will have three Lots: Primitive, Long, and Medium/Fine.  In the Wool Show there will be four NCWGA Lots: Common/Braid, Long, Medium, and Fine.  Please note that the Primitive Sheep Lots are new to the NCWGA National Show this year.  In order to enter any of the NCWGA Lots at the National Show, an exhibitor must be a member of the NCWGA in good standing, with dues paid for 2013.  All sheep exhibited in NCWGA Lots must be registered with the NCWGA, and in the name of the exhibitor (this includes sheep shown by Juniors.)  All fleeces entered in NCWGA Lots must be from NCWGA registered sheep.


Entries for the NCWGA National Show will be processed by Black Sheep Gathering.  Their website includes a description of events, workshops, show rules, and entry forms at  Please read all the Livestock and/or Wool Show Rules carefully prior to entering.  Please include your NCWGA Flock Number on your entry form.  Sheep show entry fee is $8 per head (not per class).  Wool Show entry fee is $6 per fleece.  Be advised that Sheep Show entries will close once the barn capacity is reached, or June 1 at the latest.  All sheep exhibitors must have Scrapie Premise I.D. and eartags on their animals.  Exhibitors from outside Oregon must provide a health certificate.

Sheep Shows

NCWGA Lots in the Open Sheep Show will probably be judged on Saturday, June 22.  The final Show Schedule will be available at check-in and posted at the Show Ring.  NCWGA exhibitors can expect to have Thursday night and Friday day for fitting sheep.  NCWGA Junior Sheep Lots will show in the morning on Sunday, June 23.  There are also Junior Showmanship Lots at BSG that are open to any Juniors.  Sheep will be received from 2 pm – 10 pm on Thursday, June 20.  Livestock trailers may pull up to the barns for unloading.  Afterward, livestock trailers must be parked in the designated lot.   Livestock release time will be 4 pm on Sunday, June 23 and all animals must be off the Fairgrounds by 6 pm.

The Sheep Show judge for 2013 is Pat Ariaz.  Pat brings over forty years of judging experience throughout the country at many fairs and prestigious shows including NAILE.  Pat has over twenty years of experience raising Columbia and Rambouillet sheep in his ranch.  Pat is a graduate of California State University Fresno and he was an agricultural education teacher in California’s Central Valley for thirty-nine years.

Sheep pens are all located inside barns.  The pen sizes are 6 x 6 feet.   Temperatures are usually moderate in Eugene; no fans are needed. Straw bedding should be ordered and paid for on the Sheep Show entry form.  All exhibitors should bring along their own feed, as there is no feed vendor at BSG.  There are limited hose bibs in the barns, and lots of pedestrian traffic, so hoses may not be left in the aisles.  Plan to carry water in buckets.  If space is available, there will be shared tack pens.  There is there is ample space in front of the barns for fitting stands, but limited space inside the barns.

Wool Show

Wool Show judging will begin at 10 am on Friday, June 22 through 7 pm.  Wool judging resumes on Saturday from 9 am until noon.  Judging is open to the public.  After the Saturday judging, the Wool Sale will have a preview from 1 pm – 2 pm and then open from 2:15 pm – 7 pm. It will open again at 9 am on Sunday until 3:30 pm.  Fleece entries for the Wool Show will be received from 1 pm – 8 pm on Thursday, June 20 and from 8 am – 9 am on Friday.  Unsold fleeces must be picked up when the Wool Show closes on Sunday.  Checks for sold fleeces will be mailed to exhibitors.  BSG will deduct a 10% handling fee from all fleeces sold at the show.

The Wool Show at Black Sheep Gathering is judged on handspinning quality, so entries should be well-skirted, free of VM and manure tags, and in sound condition.  Fleeces must be rolled flesh side out and placed in clear plastic bags.  Each fleece will be weighed at check-in and the price calculated based on the exhibitor’s price per pound.  Fleece entry labels will be provided by BSG at check-in.  No identifying materials may be inserted in a fleece bag until after judging.  BSG does not accepted mailed entries, but entries may be delivered by another person if accompanied by a letter from the fleece producer.

The Wool Show judge for 2013 is Judith MacKenzie.  Judith has over thirty years’ experience in textile arts.  She is a multitalented spinner, dyer, and weaver and the author of three books on handspinning.  Judith is a very popular instructor at Black Sheep Gathering, Maryland Sheep and Wool, and many other fiber festivals.  Judith is a perennial favorite at BSG due to her highly educational commentary during fleece judging.


There is a range of accommodations currently available in Eugene for our show dates, but it is wise to reserve early, as June is always busy month there.  The Lane County Fairgrounds (sometimes referred to as the Lane Events Center) is located west of downtown Eugene, with the entrance at Jefferson St. and W. 13th Ave.  Most travel websites such as or will allow you to enter the location and view a map of the closest motels.  Camping for both RVs and tents is available at the Lane County Fairgrounds.  The reservation form is available on the BSG website.


The NCWGA will host a member’s gathering on Friday evening, so we can all get acquainted or re-acquainted.  This will be a casual event at the Fairgrounds, with beer, wine, soft drinks, and appetizers provided.  Black Sheep Gathering is well-known for its Saturday night Potluck, featuring grilled lamb, and a variety of dishes contributed by exhibitors and attendees.  Everyone is invited; you simply bring a dish of your choice to participate.  Black Sheep Gathering would appreciate donations of boneless lamb/mutton shoulder or leg for the potluck.  Your ranch will be acknowledged at the event.  Please contact Rich Lundquist if you can contribute.  Generally, BSG has only one or two food vendors on site offering breakfast and lunch.  For dining alternatives, W. 11th Ave., northwest of the Fairgrounds, has a number of inexpensive restaurants.  The more upscale dining options are in the downtown area to the east of the Fairgrounds.

Sheep Sales

If you are looking to buy or sell sheep at the National Show and would like to advertise this to other members in advance, contact Nancy Burns at  Send an email with a description of the sheep for sale or being sought, and your contact information, and it will be posted for free at under the NCWGA tab.

Volunteers and Donations

To make the National Show a success we need volunteers to help with operations during the show.  We realize that most members are showing and will be busy.  We will only ask for your assistance during one event at the Show.  We are always appreciative of cash donations towards awards or expenses.  All contributions will be acknowledged in The Marker.  To volunteer or donate, please contact Nancy Burns at