Welcome to NCWGA

If you are interested in naturally-colored sheep and their wool, the Natural Colored Wool Growers Association invites you to become a member of our ever-growing community of colored sheep breeders and supporters.

Since 1977 the purpose of NCWGA has been to assist members in the development and promotion of naturally-colored sheep and their wool. NCWGA can accomplish this by offering a number of services to members. These services include programs to support breeders of colored sheep, to support sheep shows which allow colored sheep, and to support the judges of those shows.

We also maintain a membership directory, to help bring breeders and buyers together. This is a reliable resource to help shepherds search out colored sheep in a wide variety of breeds, and allows consumers, like hand spinners and crafters, find local sources for wool.

Finally, our professional sheep registration service is reliable, accurate, and safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide any assistance we can.

Breeders Spotlight

Marble Peaks Ranch - Where Fleece Comes First
At Marble Peaks Ranch we raise Corriedale sheep, both natural colored and white. Our focus is breeding sheep with premium handspinning fleeces that have true Corriedale breed character. We use rams with Australian Corriedale genetics to produce fleeces with bold crimp, bright luster, long staple, and high yield.

Our fleeces have been awarded Supreme at the California National Wool Show and Lambtown, and won numerous First Place awards at Black Sheep Gathering and Monterey Wool Show. While fleece is our priority in selection, we insist on functional sheep with sound structure, quality carcasses, strong maternal instinct, and calm temperament.

If you aim to improve your natural colored flock, ask us about acquiring some of our breeding stock. NCWGA- and ACA-registered ewe and ram lambs are available now.

Read more at www.marblepeaks.com and www.facebook.com/marblepeaks.ranch